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Daniel Boone Corn Grits
Daniel Boone Corn Meal
Our Best Self Rising Flour
Our Best Plain Unbleached Flour
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DANIEL BOONE Grits (old fashioned coarse type) are stone ground and processed through a grit machine to remove bran and meal, producing grits unlike any purchased at your local chain store. Cooking time is longer than instant grits, but well worth the effort! Grits are not for breakfast anymore, add cheese or bake for an excellent dinner side dish. We offer white and yellow corn grits.

DANIEL BOONE Plain Corn Meal is stone ground and bolted or sifted which removes the bran and husk of the corn kernel. White and yellow corn meal is available.

Stone grinding produces a somewhat coarser, more flavorful corn meal than modern day grinding methods.

DANIEL BOONE White Corn Meal Self-Rising Mix is a combination of medium stone ground corn meal, plain wheat flour and leavening. This product is great for corn bread.  

 OUR BEST Self Rising Flour is milled from soft wheat with no preservatives added. This is a bleached flour with leavening . An excellent flour for all baking.  

OUR BEST Plain Unbleached Flour is milled from soft wheat with no bleach or leavening added. This all purpose flour will meet all your baking needs.

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